07 November 2012

Bringing in the Wolf

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

How bad has it gotten for the Lakers?


Yep. That bad.

The Lakers are now 1-4. I don't know if anyone told Jerry Buss. He's been too busy donking off his Lakers moolah at the poker table. The only Lakers victory came against a crappy team and they are now 0-3 against teams with a winning record. Are the Lakers overrated? Or just a newly-refurbished team that is taking a lot longer to mesh together than fans want? Strong rumblings in the hills of Hollyweird that coach Mike Brown's days are marked... especially because former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan mentioned he was interested in returning to the NBA ranks. Hmmmmmmm. Sloan coaching the Lakers? Can Sloan and Kobe get along like peas and carrots?

Ah, who cares... I hate the fucking Lakers. The only team in LA right now worth anything is the Clippers... until hockey comes back... and then the Kings have all the juice in the City of Angels.

The Clips knocked off undefeated San Antonio... which means the Knicks (3-0) are the only loss-less team in the NBA. How long can that perfection last? The Knicks play Dallas on Friday... so it's a toss up.

Wednesday NBA action: PHX -2.5, HOU -2.5, SA -1.5, and Golden State -5.5 (bail out).

Phoenix is one of the worst teams in the league. So why on Earth would we bet them? Because they were playing the Charlotte Bobkittens. Our master plan is to Fade the Bobkittens all season long. Right now we're 2-1 after dropping the first one. It got a little scary... PHX blew a 15+ point lead and the Bobkittens clawed back to make it a game in the 4Q. Alas, they haven't had too many opportunities to clinch a win, so they lacked that killer instinct to put the game out of reach.

PHX-BobKittens was the first game on the slate, so we started out taking two steps ahead. But them we took two steps back. Houston got off to a slow start against Denver Nugs and was in the hole by halftime. Rough night for the Rockets.... Harden-Lin-Asik shot 11-35 combined... and they lost to the Nugs by 7. Harden had a redonkulous first two games and has cooled off since then. Here's Harden's shooting chart and you can see he's been shooting badly from the top of the arc and inside the paint.

After that loss, it was time to call upon our bail out specialists... the Golden State Warriors, who were at home hosting the lowly Cavs. Little did we know that the Clippers would pick off San Antonio (which made us 1-2 for the day), so Golden State really bailed us out of trouble.

After their win tonight, Golden State is 3-2 and tied for first (with the Clippers) in the Pacific Division. For betting purposes... Golden State is 3-1-1 ATS. For us, they have been the perfect bailout team going 3-0-1 for when we bet them. Nothing is more valuable than having a West Coast team you can rely on to help get you unstuck or bust a mini-slump. The season is a week and a half old and in that short time frame, Golden State has stepped up as our bail out specialists. Golden State is the Wolf from Pulp Fiction.

"You're sending in the Wolf? Shiiiiiit... That's all you had to say!"

If you're the four people on the planet who never saw Pulp Fiction, the Wolf is the fixer. He gets people out of a jam when shit goes haywire. We really didn't want to rely on Golden State tonight, but after two poor choices starting with Houston and ending with San Antonio... we were concerned and hesitant with Phoenix... we just didn't trust them to cover against the Bobkittens in CLT. PHX was 0-4 ATS coming into the game. That's the only reason we loaded up on two other games... as a hedge. Had I stuck with my gut... we would have went with just PHX and ended the night two steps ahead. So if my math is correct... two steps ahead with PHX, two steps back with SA and Houston. Call in the Wolf and take one step forward with Golden State.

When will I finally listen to the gut?


We made one other small bet on an innocuous Wednesday night college football game. Yeah, MAC action. What could possibly go wrong with Ohio -2? Well, just ask their punter. Four friggin' screwed up punts led to a few scores for Bowling Green. Alas, Ohio's punter is on suicide watch while the gang at Bowling Green triumphed. Yes, we flushed that ugly turd down the toilet.

We should stick to our best trend in college football... betting totals. We're 11-2 this year, so why are we not making more total bets? Good question. We'll stick to our bread-n-butter picks when selecting plays for this coming Saturday. We're eying a pair of UNDERS (West Virginia/OK State and Colorado/Arizona) and shopping lines as we speak.


One of my new favorite NFL podcasts is from the Grantland Network featuring writer Robert Mays and former NFL lineman Ephraim Salaam. I think the podcast has an official title as "In the Trenches" or "The Trenches" but on iTunes it is listed as The Trinagle. Mays and Salaam are complete opposites which makes the podcast funny, but informative and you really get an inside look into the trenches. Listen to this week's episode and if you dig it, go back into their archives and start with Week 1 in the NFL.