16 November 2012

Hawaii Covers and the Knicks Finally Lose

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I started a 10-day work project the other night, which makes it a little tough to sweat all the games I want to watch. But sometimes, not sweating a game is the way to go because if you win the bet, it's like free money falling out of the sky. But if you lose the bet, you don't feel like puking because you did not watch it live.

That's what happened on Friday night. We went 2-2 in the NBA and 0-1 in college football. I normally would be punching holes in my wall, but in this instance, I shrugged it off and scrambled to find Saturday's schedule.

So... Friday night college football... we've been on a horrid losing streak ever since the huge Oregon win a couple weeks ago. I shoulda went with my gut and shut down college football for good because I knew we were just going to give all of it back. But we didn't... and kept betting college football.

We tailed a wiseguy pick: Air Force -21.5 against Hawaii. I mean, no one in the right mind backs either team unless they are a 1) degenerate sports bettor, or 2) professional gambler. Sometimes I wonder if both of those categories intersect each other. At any rate, we jumped on Air Force  because Hawaii struggled to score. Alas, Air Force won 21-7 bit failed to cover. Actual HAL420 was correct in that game... and projected Hawaii would lose by only 2 TDs instead of 3+. Maybe we should take HAL420 out of the dog house?


Friday NBA action: Knicks +6, Jazz +1, OKC -6, and OVER 190 ATL/Sac

We had four plays on Friday and only got to sweat one of them. The Jazz shit the bed. Dunno why they couldn't squeeze out a win against the lowly Sixers?

The Knicks ended their 6-0 run and finally lost a game. They were in it for the first half against Memphis... and it was a heated first half... with the intensity of a playoff game. JR Smith threw a few elbows at Bayless and who woulda thunk that Rasheed Wallace would be the peacemaker and be the coolest head on the court when the shit hit the fan? Unfortunately for the Knicks, they imploded in the 3Q and could never recover. They made a run in the 4Q, but that run fizzled out and we lost any hopes at a backdoor cover when the Knicks lost by 10. Memphis looked good... very good. I was writing at the time, so I didn't get to see the second half ugliness.

After starting 0-2, we won the next two. OKC easily covered and won by 15. Easy money. I wished it was always that easy.

In the Atlanta/Sacramento game, I was kicking myself for not taking Atlanta in that spot. At least both teams scored at a decent clip and we secured the OVER to break even for the day (thanks to reduced juice Fridays, we lost a little less to the house).

Overall in the NBA, we slipped to 24-20-2. That's kinda embarrassing and we have to go back in and tweak the system. At the same time, we personally feel that less is more... and we should be making less plays per day and going big on the single play we like. Easier said than done. Less is more, eh?

P.S. Mitch Albom is a fucking moron. Good job by Drew Magary for taking Mitch behind the shed in his piece: Mitch Albom Is the Meat in baseball's Dumb Fuck Stew.