07 June 2012

Rigged Game 6?

If you believe that professional sports is rigged then you might want to stay away from Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Miami Heat are down 3-2 and have to play the Celtics in Boston. Network execs and the suits at the NBA would walk around their offices with huge erections tomorrow if the Miami-Boston series was extended to seven games. You can almost count the millions and millions of reasons why a Game 7 would be a financial windfall for all the parties involved.

With that said, usually the refs swallow their whistles when calling fouls on the home team. But in this case, will the zebras take notes from their overlords and call a few quick fouls on Boston star players like Garnett, Peirce, and/or Rondo? Or will they wait until Miami needs a deus ex machina and generate a few calls in favor of Miami?

One thing is for certain... Coach Erik Spoelstra's job is on the line if Miami loses Game 6. Miami's back is against the wall. If they lose, their season is dunzo. If they win, they live to fight another day and fly back to Miami to play Game 7 on their own turf.

The hometown Boston Celtics are the favorite in Game 6 and the point spread has been vacillating between -1.5 and -2.

Recommendation: Miami +2