18 February 2013

Dock Ellis' Electric Kool-Aid No Hitter and Major League Speed

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Jordan turned 50 this week and Michael Jordan Has Not Left the Building by Wright Thompson was passed around among friends and tweet'd more times than I could count. The article got even more attention last night when Reggie Miller incorrectly identified "Bleacher Report" as the source of the article.

At the end of the Michael Jordan article, I followed a link to something I had read stumbled upon earlier titled The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis, which detailed how he pitched a no-hitter under the influence of LSD and crocked to the tits on speed.

That article reminded me of a No Mas video that illustrated Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No:

The LSD angle is funny and the sign of the times, but the speed aspect is the most interesting aspect. Ellis says matter-of-factly how 90% of MLB players were addicted to greenies (a.k.a. pharmaceutical-grade speed). It's what kept them on the field playing and competing in the pre-steroids era.

Over the last decade, the MLB has discreetly put an end to speed usage behind the scenes (including the ban of Ritalin and other ADD drugs), but owners have balked at stricter penalties for speed-usage. Meanwhile the media and public is captivated by a stream of steroid scandals from Bonds to Clemens to A-Roid.

Sure, Mike Schmidt never took steroids, but he ate speed. At present time, MLB does not drug test for LSD or magic mushrooms.

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