01 February 2013

Hockey Fights: Tye McGinn vs. Kris Newbury

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

I am about tradition. Two guys circling, dropping their gloves. The refs coming close but not getting involved. And finally, the actual fight.

It's like clockwork. The impetus for the fight will change but the dance happens again and again.

So, when two guys go at it without the dance, I am disappointed. You don't skip over the triple dare straight to the triple dog dare!

But that is what Kris Newbury of the New York Rangers did. He jumped into the scrum, throwing his right glove down and began to repeatedly punch Tye McGinn in the face.

Its a pretty damn good fight. McGinn is able to shrug off the initial barrage and then deliver a good thrashing on Newbury. McGinn dodges and weaves at just the right moment to avoid a big hit and deliver some more of his own.

That's what Newbury gets for breaking tradition.

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