06 May 2013

A's Weekly Digest: Hamstrung

By Joe Speaker
Los Angeles, CA

The big news for the A's this week was that wacky, 19-inning affair with the Angels on Monday, a game I ignored for three hours then watched for three more and still fell asleep before the A's pulled it out on a Brandon Moss home run. Of all the unusual happenings which took place over the six hours and thirty-two minutes of baseball, the most bizarre was four players were injured and subsequently went on the disabled list.

Three of those players were A's, including pitcher Brett Anderson who was being "skipped" in the rotation due to an ankle injury. Dan Straily had been brought up to start the game, but didn't last too long and, voila, there in the 13th inning was the hurt guy, Anderson, who ended up pitching five-and-a-third.

Point being, the whole thing is Brett Anderson's fault. Or maybe (pitching coach) Curt Young's. Regardless, the A's placed Anderson on the DL so they would not longer be tempted to pitch him for five-and-a-third when he's hurt.

The game was also Death to Centerfielders Night (that sounds like a fun promotion!) as Coco Crisp (hamstring), Chris Young (quad) and Peter Bourjos (hamstring) all got owies while running (most of the way) to first. I'd like to propose mandatory leg stretching periods prior to ABs in extra inning games when the temperature drops more than 20-degrees from where it was at gametime.

Despite the necessity of all that gauze and Ben Gay, the A's won four-of-six on the week, taking both series, at home to the Angels and in the Bronx against the Yankees. Having not paid close attention to the Yanks as of yet, I was stunned to see most of the 2006 AL All-Star team starting in pinstripes. Ichiro! Hafner! Wells! Overbay!

Fantastic. If MLB created on over-35 League, the Yanks would be the shit.

The A's continue their road trip this week with stops in Cleveland and Seattle, two teams wrestling with the .500 mark. Let's try to keep the games to a reasonable length, shall we?

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