17 May 2013

Hockey Fights: The Ottawa Senators vs. The Philadelphia Flyers

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

NHL fans are the opposite. They expect a wall in front of the net and a guy who will fly down the ice and score. But that doesn't mean they don't like a good fight. Or a dozen good fights. 

This battle seemed to continue once they started. It is some good editing so it is hard to tell how the timeline played out. But let's take a good look at the action.

First Brashear bloodies up Ray. The announcers try to claim it was caused by a shot on the helmet but I see two good downward punches that could have easily ripped open the skin by his eye. Brashear with an easy victory here.

Because of the editing it is hard to tell if this happens about the time Ray skated off to see a needle and thread but let's play along. Not sure who is trying to wrap his throws around a ref but I wouldn't recommend that. Hit the ref and you are in big trouble. But it does appear that Brashear is one of the guys being pulled to the ice and then gets tagged by Simpson. Seems petty on Simpson's part. Too bad we don't see what led to the continuation of the brawl.

Wait, that makes it sound like it is over. The Flyer goalie barely gets involved with the fray but that can only mean one thing. The Senators goalie has to join in the fracas! He flies down the ice and they go at it. Goalie fight are like the icing on the cake. I give the Senators goalie the slight nod.

The camera then pans up to the top corner where it looks like a lot slapping from the Senator on the Flyer. We may have missed the real action there Whoever the Senator is, it looks like he slings a mean purse!

Just when it looks like things are settled down, the gloves get dropped after a face off. Again, we do not know if this is all one continuous battle but I like to go with the flow and think it is. Plus I went and got some popcorn. A mean stiff jab sends the Flyer to the cold surface. The refs move in to separate them.

Wait, two more fights have broken out?!?!?!? This is total chaos! We get to watch more of a wrestling match than anything. It was close to a Thai clinch so I was expecting to see a knee meet the guy's jaw. That had me wondering...at what point will we see a hockey fight involving some MMA?

On the next jump we get another couple punches thrown just after the face off. The Senator is punching away and twists the Flyer to the ground. But he pops back up to throw some punches of his own until he gets hip tossed to the ice.

The next one is kinda quick. A full on tackle and plant to the ice. The ref goes for the pin. 1..2..3!

Good thing he covers those guys so two old men can battle near center ice. You know they are running out of players when two old farts who probably rarely see ice time get out there. They probably fought for old time sake and to see their names in the box score. It is amusing because it looks like the Flyer is beating him with a cane. Oh wait, it is likely a brace that came off his arm but he still tries to use it as a weapon. They soon tire out and slow dance, waiting for the refs to get them oxygen.

Another face off and a Superman punch! Bam, bam, bam! The Senator gets off 3 big pops in a row. He pays the price because once the Flyer got him down he delivered 3 of his own.

And then...wait, its over??? 10 fights that we were able to follow. Amazing. I don't know about you but I am spent after watching that.

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