31 May 2013

MMA: Behold the Evolution

By StB
Milwuakee, WI

One of the most exciting things about mixed martial arts is how the sport keeps evolving. As each year passes, the fighters get bigger and stronger. But, that doesn't matter if you aren't getting better.

It seemed to start with grapplers taking over. They would pull their striking opponent to the ground and dominate them. Then the BJJ guys took advantage of the ground game by fighting back with submissions from their back.

The true mixed martial artist evolved from there. Guys like George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva -- no surprise, current champions -- worked to have multiple skills to confuse their opponents.

Now, it seems that fighters are adopting some simple techniques that are usually seen. The first was the simple jab. Boxers rely on it to set up their punches. For whatever reason, MMA fighters weren't consistently using jabs. St. Pierre relied on a jab to make Josh Koscheck's face look like raw hamburger.

The uppercut has been used by some fighters effectively as well.

Now, the roundhouse kick seems to be coming into vogue. Watch the devastating KO by Vitor Belfort:

Vitor Belfort is no spring chicken. In his late 30s, he has been fighting since he was 19. Yet, this is the first time he has used such a devastating kick. Some young promising fighters like Stephen Thompson have made the roundhouse kick a part of their arsenal. Best part about this kick? It is such a cool knockout to view. Hopefully we'll see more of them before the next devastating move comes along.

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