27 May 2013

Tapping A Beer: May May, Please Go Away!

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

This month has been brutal to the Milwaukee Brewers. They have won only 5 games all month during May, which sent them spiraling towards the cellar of the NL Central.

Thankfully, the Cubs are currently in the cellar to prevent that from happening to the Brewers.

It is somewhat mind-boggling how the Brewers just cannot get things going. They have 5 players in the starting lineup hitting over .300. Unfortunately, the other 3 starters are at .200 with Rickey Weeks sucking hind tit at .174.

I wonder if he is drinking as much as I am when they play?

The weird thing is, this is about right for this team. May is an annual obstacle course. Year after year, play terribly during the 5th month of the year.

The most frustrating thing this year has been the total lack of consistency. There is no clutch hitting, no rallies, and they lack consistent pitching. The only consistent thing has been players hitting the IR.

But, I have some faith. Lots of baseball left to be played. Plus, what is the worst thing that can happen? I get cheaper tickets to games in July and August when all the fickle fans are gone.

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