22 June 2013

Tapping A Beer: Facing the Truth

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

Okay. Let's put it out there. I thought my fellow Ocelot posters were nuts when they said the Brewers were a subpar team.

I thought there was no way they would finish below .500 this year. The lineup was still strong. Pitching was a concern but they had some offense.

So far, it looks like I was wrong. It hit home last week when they lost a series against Houston. No one loses a series to Houston. Worst part, the 'Stros took it to them. Ouch.


I feel like making excuses. They lost a reliable pitcher in Marco Estrada. All-Star Ryan Braun has a thumb injury (Yes, thumb injury you haters! There is no real proof he juiced up a bit. Yet. Sigh). Corey Hart's injury has been longer to return from.

And now a surprisingly surging Carlos Gomez hurts himself as they Brew Crew actually had a chance to sweep the East leading Atlanta Braves.  Fuck me!

It's like this time they cannot catch a break. They had been playing well in Braun's absence until the starting rotation shat the bed. The bullpen is doing their job--shaky, but doing the job.

Makes me think of the comments at the bar on Friday night. I was watching the game, cheering the team on, when a friend asked why I was bothering. She said they sucked. I told her I wanted to believe. I love watching baseball and I refused to give up.

I guess that is why I am still a Brewers fan.

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