01 June 2013

Tapping A Beer: Those Record-Tying Brewers!

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

The Milwaukee Brewers went about and tied a team record for the month of May. Unfortunately, it was not a good feat. They managed to tie the record for the number of losses in a month.


22 Ls in a month. God that was painful to watch as a fan. The starting pitching stunk, the hitting blew, and the defense was awful. The only crew you couldn't blame was the bullpen. Somehow the Brew Crew comes out of May with the best performing relief unit (by ERA) in the NL Central.


This month as so bad that the Brewers had to remind everyone of the saddest promotion they have had in a long time wasn't going down the drain. For every game the Brewers won in May, the cost of a ticket against the A's would go down by a buck. So the grand total would have been a 5 dollar discount against a team that no one cares about in Milwaukee.

To save the day. Ryan Braun supposedly stepped up and covered the discount so all Terrace level and bleacher seats would be only $8. I say supposedly because it totally sounds like a PR event. I don't recall any comment from Braun saying he felt bad about the team sucking major ass.

So the Brewers weren't able to create a pathetic team record in May because the did manage to beat the Phillies on the 31st.

Funny thing is the beat Philadelphia again on June 1. Suddenly a team that stunk may actually get a sweep. On the road.

No wonder this baseball fan drinks so much.

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