03 July 2013

MMA: UFC 162 Preview

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

The UFC is back in Las Vegas for their annual "Fourth of July" show. This year Anderson Silva, arguably one of the best fighters in the world, takes on Chris Weidman. Anderson is of course the favorite going off at -300.

Weidman is at +280. Call me crazy but I like Weidman in the upset. Yes, I just said Silva is the possibly the best fighter in the world. Problem is he isn't always focused. He tends to underestimate his opponent. For that reason, I think he is right for the picking.

Weidman hasn't lost a fight  yet. He is 9-0. His victory in July of last year over Mark Munoz was impressive. Only downside is he hasn't fought in so long. But he has wicked elbow and throws with power, whether with fists or kicks.

Bottom line is this promises to be an interesting fight. I wonder if Silva will have something new in his arsenal. He has pulled out submissions, front kicks, and other tricks in the past.

Frankie Edgar returns trying to break a 3 fight losing streak. He went from losing the Lightweight Championship to Benson Henderson, failing to get that title back, and dropped a Featherweight decision to Jose Aldo.

He takes on veteran Charles Oliviera. Oliviera is coming off a loss to Cub Swanson. He has lost to some good fighters such as Swanson, Donald Cerrone, and Jim Miller. To get a win over Edgar would be huge for him. I don't expect it to happen. Edgar is a big favorite at +500.

Cub Swanson happens to be on the card as well taking on Denis Siver. These two usually have good fight so it should add some excitement to the undercard.

The other notable fight is Tim Kennedy vs. Roger Gracie. Yep, he is one of those Gracies. He has been steadily moving up in the UFC.  A win here could put him up for a contenders fight in the middleweights.

Kennedy has been impressive in his MMA career. He is making his UFC debut. No wants to lose that first fight. It will be interesting to see if he struggles in front of the big crowd.

Chris Leben looks to head up the undercard. He is one crazy dude. Takes a pounding as good as he gives. I am surprised he is still around. This Ultimate Fighter 1 vet looks like he would run off the rails years ago. Thankfully he hasn't as he is an entertaining fight. Hope he takes it home on Saturday.

You can view the entire card here.

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