09 July 2013

MMA: UFC 162- Winner by knockout and neeeewwwww UFC Middleweight Champion

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

Chris Weidman!!!

Yes, just as I said last week, Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva at UFC 162 to become the new Middleweight Champion.

Silva started to get fancy and clownish in the second round. He dropped his hand and put out his chin, taunting Weidman, daring him to throw a punch. Weidman obligated and sent the champion to the mat. After a couple gratuitous shots to the melon, referee Herb Dean jumped in to call the fight.

And then the controversy started. Fans tried to call bullshit. They said the fight was fixed; Silva took a dive.

UFC President Dana White was pissed. "Yeah, the fix is in, you fucking idiots." When you watch knockout, it can look from the back angle that Silva was barely touched. 

But only "fucking idiots" would watch just the one view. When you see the fight from the other angle, it is clear as day. Weidman misses with one punch, grazes him with a glove on the next, then connects with a left. Silva's eyes roll back and as Michael "The Voice" Schiavello would say, Goodnight Gracie!

After this view, who in their right mind will say this fight is fixed? Even routine fans like myself won't go that far. Instead, I will enjoy a 6-pack of Kona beer that I won by taking Weidman in this fight.

Cheers to UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman!

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