30 July 2013

MMA: UFC 163

By StB
Milwaukee, WI

With so many fighters on the UFC roster, you may wonder how they get these guys enough fights to meet their contractual demands. I guess the answer is something like UFC 163. A card that is yawn inspiring.

The card is comprised of mid-carders at best, with Ultimate Fighter alumni filling in the bottom. There isn't a "must see" fight on this pay per view. Heck, it should be free. I will need to remember to look at the buy rate when this is over because I'll bet it will be very low.

Headlining UFC 163 is Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo versus the Korean Zombie. Seriously, that is how it is advertised because no one would know who the hell Chan Sung Jung is.

Don't get me wrong. This could be a very good fight. What is likely to happen is Aldo smacks him around for 5 rounds, beating the crap out of Jung, but unable to put him away. Hence the nickname, the Korean Zombie.

KZ is not a slouch. He just isn't necessarily that impressive. After one hell of a battle with Leonard Garcia, where he took everything Garcia offered in a loss, he beat him in the rematch with a real sweet submission.

Champion Aldo has looked pretty good. He can be lazy like Anderson Silva but I don't think that will happen. Aldo is looking to defend his title successfully for the 6th time.

Former Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida takes on Phil Davis. Machida comes off a surprising win against Dan Henderson. His style has confused some but I don't think it will baffle Davis. Davis has been slowly moving up into contention. With only one loss (to Rashad Evans), he looks ready to take the next big step.

Beyond those two fights, there isn't much to brag about. In fact, the exciting part may be watching how the UFC sells this snoozer of a card.

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