12 September 2013

NFL Week 2: Fading the Jets on ThNF and Other Tales of Ordinary Madness

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The New York Jets are undefeated.

Let's pause for a a few seconds and savor this rare moment of grandeur.


Ya know, it doesn't get any better than this, riding the high of a opening season victory. The Jets 1-0? Yes, the Jets are 1-0.

The usual misery and malaise gets pushed back a week. Instead of 17 weeks of melancholy, we'll get 16. I'm still swimming in hope and optimism for another week. Well, not a full week. The Jets take on the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football, so this unexpected glee is extended for 3.5 days before reality sets in.

The last time the Jets played on Thursday Night Football? Yes, the butt fumble.


Mark Sanchez might go on to great things after his stint in pro football. He could become a decent coach, or he could go back to school and become a doctor and cure cancer. Or he could save a hundred puppies from a burning building. Doesn't matter what his post-football accolades will be. When he dies, someone will play this clip of the infamous butt fumble.

Heck, even those stuffy British gatekeepers of the written word included "Butt Fumble" in the latest installment of the Oxford Dictionary. It's up there with "twerking" and "jorts."

Buffalo66 loves the OVER. I was leaning the UNDER only because what can a rookie QB really accomplish on a short week? Plus the Pats are dinged up. But Buf66 is convinced Billcheat will run up the score if he gets the chance.

The Pats have problems with double-digit spreads. They almost always win those games outright, but the Pats are 11-15 in home games they are a favorite between 10.5 and 14 points. We're staying away from the points outright, but we like the Pats moneyline even at -550. Sure it's a lot to lay, but sometimes it takes money to make money.
Fade the Jets Pick:
NE Pats -550
We went 1-1 last week. Break even. The Jets won as a home dog, but the UNDER hit.

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TenMile said...

I stayed up late and watched that game. I wasn't overly impressed with either effort, but was pleasantly surprised at the Jets QB's efforts.

As a pony handicapper might say: He ain't a mudder.