20 October 2013

NFL Week 7: Fade the Jets, Pats Reprise, and Other Degen Donk Gronk Tales

By Pauly
Hampton, VA

The New England Pats are the best banged-up team I have seen in a very long time. Either the system that Belicheck installed is really the cat's balls, or the Pats reserves have stepped up with a rare chance at guaranteed playing time. Whatever is going on in New England... it's working.

Who cares what happened with the first game. Yeah, the Jets kept it close but in the end the better team won. This time around the Jets take on the Pats in their own backyard, but don't let home field advantage fool you. These division games are always tough, but the Pats should easily prevail in this game, especially with the return of the Gronk.

Gronk returns. Yo soy fiesta.

The Jets and Geno Smith's run was short lived. They were getting a ton of accolades and praise for upsetting Atlanta in Atlanta, yet they blew chunks again when they took on a struggling Pittsburgh Steelers squad. The Steelers got on the board first and the Jets were chasing them the rest of the game. I expected the Steelers to win right after their bye week and they did rather easily.

The Jets are now 3-3 and wondering how the hell they can contain Tom Brady and improve to 4-3. hey, 3-3 ain't so bad. Even 3-4 is great compared to the New York Giants' abysmal 0-6 record.
Fade the Jets (3-4 season):
NE Pats -3.5
Aside from fading the Jets, I really don't have a specific game that I love. I have a couple of leans only because I want to bet that a winless teams gets their first win. Besides, I can't pull the trigger on any bet that requires good faith in Jay Cutler.
Chicago -1
NY Giants ML
They're Due: The Giants are due for a win. This is the time of the year to bet them big until they finally get their first win. Maybe Eli Manning has solved his temporary color-blindness that had previous afflicted NYC area QBs like Vinny Testaverde and Mark Sanchez.

Da Bears: I dunno about backing the Bears on the road, but Washington has looked awful this year. I suspect RG3 is really like 50% but he's a tough cookie and wanted to get back on the field. Their defense has more holes in it than my oldest pair of underwear. But I always get a little queasy when I put money on Jay Cutler. Am I really that much of a degen that I'm willing to back Cuts and Da Bears?

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