01 December 2013

Week 13: Another Emotional Hedge With an LOLJETS Playoff Berth On the Line

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

"Which guys do we throw to again?"
I thought I was going to get rich this season fading the Jets. But if you faded the Jets every other week, you'd make a juicy profit. Rookie QBs are inconsistent which is why rookies used to ride the bench in your Daddy's old-school version of the NFL. But in the modern NFL, rookies are thrown into battle completely untested. Baptism by fire.

Rookie Geno Smith has been as erratic as they come, but on the weeks the Jets won, Smith looked phenomenal. But on the weeks the Jets lost, he looked abysmal and even worse than Mark Sanchez.... if that was humanly possible.

There was one week in which all of Jets Nation thought Geno Smith was the savior. The next Black Jesus. I jumped on the Geno Bandwagon. Almost ordered a jersey, too. I loved the fact that Geno was sticking it to all the scouts and talking heads who trashed him leading up to the draft and said he didn't have what it takes to be an NFL QB. The Jets picked off both the Pats and the Saints and they were headed to a potential playoff spot. But just when things started to look good, the wheels fell off the bus.

When the Jets lose, they lose big and ugly. You could set your watch to when the Jets would rear its ugly head. They won/lost every other week. On the losing weeks, Geno Smith was stricken with color blindness. But now, he has a severe case of the Testaverdes, which in Latin means "color blind." That deadly infectious disease seems to afflict every damn Jets QBs. Mark Sanchez? Color blind and attracted to butt fumbles. Okay, maybe Chad Pennington wasn't color blind, but he was injured all the time and his shoulder was so out of whack that he couldn't even throw to anyone, let alone the other team's secondary. Maybe there's something in the water at the Jets practice facility on Long Island that causes temporary insanity and color blindness?

The Jets season is on the line. If they lose, you can kiss a potential playoff berth goodbye. Even if they win, there's no guarantees, but at least they still keep their playoff hopes alive with a victory. This is one of the spots in which you want to back the Jets, especially at home because Rex Ryan teams struggle on the road, but he gets the troops fired up for home games. But I'm going with an emotional hedge here. If the LOLJets can break your heart.... they will. The line opened at +3 in some shops and I jumped on the Fish +3 last Sunday night. Miami won/lost a bunch of close games this season, so you have to expect this one to either be a narrow Jets victory or a total blowout for Miami. Either way, I'm taking Miami and the points. The Jets fan in me hopes I'm wrong, but being color blind is a nasty disease that is hard to shake.
Fade the Jets:

Miami +3

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