16 November 2015

John Oliver Crushes DFS

Here is John Oliver's takedown of Daily Fantasy Sports, which he says is the most addictive thing you can do on your phone with the exception of snorting cocaine.

16 September 2015

Bet Like No One's Watching Podcast - Episode 4

What do you do when you have a rough weekend? Buffalo66  aka @BuffaloHoldem explains in Episode 4 of his new podcast...

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07 September 2015

Bet Like No One's Watching Podcast - Episode 3

Here's the third episode of Buffalo66's new podcast titled Bet Like No One's Watching. In this episode, he interviews DFS grinder Gabriel "CrazyGabey" Harber...

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31 August 2015

Bet Like No One's Watching Podcast - Episode 2

Here's the second episode of the new podcast by Buffalo66 titled Bet Like No One's Watching...

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25 August 2015

13 May 2015

BBVS Episode 11: Canadian Football vs. NFL

And he's back! Buffalo66 returned with a new installment on his special BBVS series.  Over the last 10 episodes, Buff66 covered a variety of topics from creating betting models for baseball, bankroll management, betting tilt, and bet scaling.

In Episode #11, Buff66 discusses the Canadian Football League and goes into some of the differences between the CFL and the NFL....

Here is an index of every BBVS episodes...
BBVS #1: Is Sportsbetting Beatable?
BBVS #2: Profit Is the Goal
BBVS #3: Why You Need A Model
BBVS #4: Intro to Bankroll Management
BBVS #5: Value Betting Concepts
BBVS #6: Intro to MLB Model Building
BBVS #7: Betting vs. Gambling
BBVS #8: Calculating Unit Size
BBVS #9: Does Betting Tilt Exist?
BBVS #10: Bet Scaling
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02 January 2015

NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Kelly Betting Video

It's time for the NFL playoffs! Buffalo66 posted a new Kelly Betting video. He breaks down the four wild card games this year and likes one game...

Wild Card NFL Playoffs:
Arizona +6.5

For more details, check out the video...

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