13 May 2015

BBVS Episode 11: Canadian Football vs. NFL

And he's back! Buffalo66 returned with a new installment on his special BBVS series.  Over the last 10 episodes, Buff66 covered a variety of topics from creating betting models for baseball, bankroll management, betting tilt, and bet scaling.

In Episode #11, Buff66 discusses the Canadian Football League and goes into some of the differences between the CFL and the NFL....

Here is an index of every BBVS episodes...
BBVS #1: Is Sportsbetting Beatable?
BBVS #2: Profit Is the Goal
BBVS #3: Why You Need A Model
BBVS #4: Intro to Bankroll Management
BBVS #5: Value Betting Concepts
BBVS #6: Intro to MLB Model Building
BBVS #7: Betting vs. Gambling
BBVS #8: Calculating Unit Size
BBVS #9: Does Betting Tilt Exist?
BBVS #10: Bet Scaling
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